With every purchase you help with us

We are deeply concerned about our planet. We love to take pictures, to share our enthusiasm on social media but what if we won’t have what to share anymore? Presets won’t make a littered beach look minimalistic or a dying forest aesthetic. Our planet is dying and without life there isn’t beauty.

What we can do? Small actions like avoiding plastic, cans and cotton buds are a great start. Recycling and up-cycling are amazing ways to lower our waste numbers. Double checking what we buy or, even better, lowering our consumerism is an amazing way to have a positive impact.

We try to spread the word and inspire, by leaving behind our travels nothing but positive actions, helping to preserve our ecosystem and directly supporting our local shelters. We want to see this world flourish and not perish by human hands.

Searching for new ways to take action and encourage others to make a positive impact, we decided to support through the sales of our presets organizations committed to save our planet.

By buying one of the presets you will join us in helping and recreating a more sustainable way of life!

Moreover, if you want you can specify during the checkout (in the section
Order notes) which of the following issues you would like to support with your purchase:

  • Saving endangered animal species
  • Working to preserve the natural ecosystem (including planting forests, ocean cleaning and endangered plant species)
  • Aiding local shelters and homeless animals

Thank you!