What type of Lightroom preset should I choose

Of course this depends entirely on your preferred style, your favorite colors, the device you use, if you have a Creative Cloud account or an official version of Lightroom for desktop or mobile. Yes, this is like saying everything and nothing useful at the same time.

First of all look at your photos where you would like to apply the Lightroom presets

  • Are your photos too dark? Too bright or maybe too yellow?
    Each presets pack includes presets that turn on the light and and bright up your images so if you take pictures usually too dark, you can rely on any presets pack I created.
    If your photos are too light, you can opt for Ossidiana, Jade, Jasper, Iserine, Iris, Giada, Gardenia, Chrysocolla, Canephora, Azalea, Ambrosia and Amsonia, as all of them have specific presets for overexposed images.
    Most of the presets pack also tend to eliminate yellowish tones except for Giada and Azura which enhance a warm and a lemon type of yellow.
  • What if my photos are not high quality?
    Each of the presets pack includes settings that create smoothe photos or enhance details to achieve the best effect.
  • Look at your subjects now: are there many people?
    If you want to enhance skin colors, the best presets pack is Ambrosia. Quite a few other packs, like Canephora, Larimar, Amsonia, Chrycolla or Iris, work both on colors and skin tones pretty well. Since all presets packs have also darker settings, skin tones should look good. If yu are looking however to focus on details or objects colors rather than the skin, any presets pack focusing on specific colors will work great!

Now look at photos you like. You can choose Instagram feeds or Photographers portfolios to have a clearer idea.

Once you find the colors you like the most, you will be able to tell which presets pack presents images and palettes closer to you new style. For whites or a minimalistic look you can choose Betulla; for warmer but still clear images you can choose Azalea; for travel related content and colors you can choose Larimar, Amsonia or Agata; for city landscapes you can choose Ossidiana, Selenite or Iris; for natural sceneries you can choose Garenia, Giada, Jasper, Sylvine, Amsonia; for a one color style you can choose Sunstone, quartz or Sapphire; for sunsets and sunrises you can choose Ambra and Sunstone.

If you don’t know where to start, I can suggest a couple of Instagram accounts for Inspiration: @tezza, @debiflu, @pilotmadeleine, @aggie, @folkgreen, @foxytrash, @iindiiefoxx, @kasiaamar, @robinwittwer, @freeoversea, @asiyami_gold, @ellisreed, @morton_mac, @saltyluxe, @kellyhill, @mycolourfulworld_

Lightroom presets for desktop or for mobile

I personally prefer desktop as it gives you more possibilities and settings however the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom comes in handy when you are travelling light or constantly on the move and can’t or won’t bring a laptop with you (like me). I will break down both option in a short list of pros and cons.

Lightroom for desktop

  • Pros: More options to manipulate the image or correct wherever you don’t feel like the preset you are applying fits perfectly your photo, comfort of a bigger screen, possibility to work on more photos at once and apply the presets to all your import, allows you to sync your edits and presets on all your devices where Lightroom is installed, easy installation of presets
  • Cons: More complicated layout and options, price of the software

Lightroom for mobile

  • Pros: Easy to use, free, doesn’t require to carry a heavy laptop to edit photos, allows a quick edit on the go,
  • Cons: Options are limited, complicated and long installation of presets on device (one by one), no sync option in the free version, presets installations through sync option only for premium accounts

Overall if you want a free version of Lightroom, the mobile version is the best option despite being more limited and less comfortable (only during presets installation). If you however want to invest in additional editing or learning the software, I recommend the desktop version.

I hope this will help you a bit in deciding what presets pack type you should choose. If you have any more questions, DM me on InstagramFacebook or write an email to sylwiabaran@papersounds.eu.

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