Chrysocolla – blue and orange presets

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10 presets that enhance the blue and orange tones


These presets were inspired by the great nature photographers and their natural subjects.

The pack includes 10 presets that enhance the blue and orange tones of the image adding some additional effects like fading, dark shades, stronger light or a weaker color saturation.
The presets can be divided in two groups: strong and deep blue-orange with the other colors weakened and more balanced palettes that don’t exclude other colors.

The presets included in this pack are developed for the desktop version of Lightroom and can be imported from it to the mobile version if you have a Creative Cloud account.

For more “before and after” examples, head to my Instagram.

If you would like to receive a mobile only version for the free Lightroom app without having to set up a Creative Cloud account, let me know before purchasing: by contacting me on InstagramFacebook or by email.

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