Blue Horizon presets pack

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14 presets which aim is to complement the blue and aqua tones and to recreate the feeling tropical paradises, seas and oceans give whoever experience it live. All the presets were thought for cameras and phone pictures, however the settings of the filters try to level any imperfection or noise in images captured by phone cameras of lower quality. To get the best colour out of every frame, it’s best to take darker photos and then apply the presets.

The presets can be divided into two groups: those putting the shades of blue in the foreground and those allowing oranges, greens and reds to catch the viewer eye. All of them play with different combinations of green, blue, aqua and violet, sometimes creating even an abstract scenery to match the style of your feed.

You can learn how to upload to your Lightroom the purchased presets by visiting my Tutorial section.

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