Amsonia – travel sceneries presets


A pack of 13 travel specific presets enhancing all sceneries like tropical, ocean, sea, beach, city and natural green photos.


I developed these presets specifically for the various sceneries we immortalize through our camera, everyday and during our travels.

Amsonia is a pack of 13 presets enhancing tropical, ocean, sea, beach, city and natural green photos.
Each preset plays with different colors, balancing and combining multiple colors, sometimes weakening some of them to achieve a better look.
Like always, the filters add different effects like fading, dark shades, light effects or lower saturation levels.

The presets included in this pack are developed for the desktop version of Lightroom and can be imported from it to the mobile version if you have a Creative Cloud account.

For more “before and after” examples, head to my Instagram.

If you would like to receive a mobile only version for the free Lightroom app without having to set up a Creative Cloud account, let me know before purchasing: by contacting me on InstagramFacebook or by email.

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