How to upload presets to your Lightroom mobile

This instruction refers to standard preset downloaded for the desktop version of Lightroom and already added it to your Lightroom

  • Open Lightroom on your desktop
  • Make sure you are logged into your Adobe Lightroom account or Creative Cloud
  • Click on your name/profile and select Sync with Lightroom
  • Select the Collections (or Albums in previous Lightroom versions) you want to sync by clicking on the box right to their names.

If you don’t have any collection yet, create one, for example in the Collection sidebar clicking on the + icon. While creating it, select the Sync with Lightroom option. For any additional help related to Collections and Syncing options, check the official Adobe guide.

  • Run your Lightroom mobile app making sure you are signed in
  • The presets added on desktop and edits contained in the selected Collection will sync automatically

Rememeber that to use this method, you will need to purchase a Creative Cloud plan to which your profile will be connected. If you use only the free mobile Lightroom app, you can download the mobile version of the presets and follow the steps described in this tutorial.

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