How to add presets to your Lightroom mobile app without using the Sync option

Please note this method is useful only if you don’t have a purchased Lightroom or Creative Cloud plan that allows you to Sync all the data from your desktop app to mobile and vice versa.

If you do have a Lightroom or Creative Cloud membership, you can choose the standard presets, add them to your desktop Lightroom app and turn on the Sync option in order for the presets to appear on your mobile devices.

  1. Download the mobile preset pack
  2. Unzip the file on your pc and move it to your smartphone or unzip it directly on your smartphone
  3. Open Lightroom on your smartphone
  4. Click on the icon (on Android an image+ icon) to add new files
  5. Choose the DNG files from the downloaded zip
  6. Click on one of the DNG file
  7. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Create Preset
  8. Name your preset accordingly to the image
  9. Repeat points 6,7,8 to import the presets saved on the the remaining DNG files

After completing the steps, the presets should be available in the Presets section of the app.

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