About the presets

A way to enhance your pictures, reward your efforts and catch the eye of your followers

We often see on Instagram stunning, perfectly on focus and balanced pictures. We try to recreate them but with time we realize it takes a lot of work to obtain such results. The most popular (and best) influencers and photographers spend a lot of time waiting for the right light and weather, taking hundreds of shots, editing the colors and settings of their final work.

Inspired by them many of us wish to have such wonderful photos, mesmerizing colors and eye-catching feed but not all of us can afford the right equipment, can devote so much time to waiting in one place (especially if we are at our once in a year vacation) or editing our pictures, trying so many times to get the light balance right. This is where Lightroom Presets come come in.

I created these presets having in mind the best feeds I’ve seen on Instagram, the harsh conditions in which we often take our pictures and the most appealing colors palettes.

Whether you can’t or just don’t want to carry around heavy equipment, whether you are a patient photographer or a frenetic traveler with no time to waste, these filters will enhance the positive features of your photos in just one click.

Every pack focuses on specific colors and settings like sea scenery, tropical forests or historic cities however each of the packs includes at least three filters that can be used universally.
Every presets aim to balance dark spots and excessive white exposure, saturation, grain and details visibility which often interferes with how we would prefer our images to look like.

To check the presets in action,you can click on the pack and scroll down to the Before&After section, check out my Instagram or the hashtags #thipresets and #travelherimpressionspresets.

If you would like to check how the presets work on your photos or if you haven’t found what you are looking for, don’t think twice, write me at sylwiabaran@papersounds.eu. I will be more than happy to help!

If you wish to collaborate or become an ambassador, contact me on my Instagram.